2012-2015  Bachelor in Fine art, Trondheim Academy of Fine art
2010-2011  Artphotography, Norsk Fotofagskole


   #03 -"Cirka hjemme"  -   2016
Antologi "-både katten min og jeg heter mørkebrun"  -   2014
Tidsskriftet A
    A #02/2014 - "Etikk med arkitektblikk"
    A #01/2014 - "Tid"
    A #03/2013 - "Arkitekten; ingeniør eller kunstner?"
    A #02/2013 - "Trenger vi nye forbilder?" - photography


Mathilde Nicoline Bergersen, born in 1991, photographing since 2003. From Nesodden, Norway. Graduated from Trondheim academy of fine art in 2015. Currently living and working in Oslo. 

Since 2011 I have been working with professional photography through my own company, more information here. Ute etter profesjonell fotograf? Info her!

In my work I explore close and personal themes retrieved from within, revolving around the existential questions. Through performative staging, thoughts embodied in material, everyday life, absurdity , intuition and aesthetics I create an intimate and honest story about both vulnerability and strength ; both you and me.

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Exhibitions (group + solo)

2016: "Vannveier", Galleri Vanntårnet, Nesodden
2015: "BFA 15", Dora, Trondheim
2015: "m.", cyan:galleri, Oslo
2015: "Uskrevet historie", cyan:salong, Oslo
2014: "[scream]", Ila Brainnstasjon, Trondheim
2013: "Keep It Together", Galleri KiT, Trondheim
2012: "Kald", Galleri KiT, Trondheim
2011: "Young art for a good cause", Scandic Vulkan, Oslo
2010: "Om oss, om andre", Olav Tryggvassonsgate, Trondheim